Dental Veneers - Teeth Whitening 

Dental Veneers

A white and bright smile is the winning of a face-balanced . However, problems such as chips , discoloration or wear , can complicate the desire to get a smile enviable . The dental veneer , in these cases , can solve the problem : this technique consisting in a particular type of dental veneer that , just like any other coating , is designed to improve the appearance of the teeth chipped, worn , or discolored . What makes the veneers better than other types of coatings in porcelain is that they are stronger and more resistant than plastic .

Where are you , how long it takes and how much is painful treatment?

The procedures are performed at the dentist's office , and usually last about an hour to be placed on the patient's teeth . In some cases , the procedure may require two dental visits to bring to completion the work . The effective length of the entire procedure , however, depends on the amount of dental work that must be done . Regarding the pain , one of the advantages of veneers is that you feel virtually no discomfort .

What can I expect after treatment ?

Veneers offer a nice smile . In addition, since they are strong and built to last over time , individuals can maintain this newfound smile for many years. Since the procedures and the results vary , it is necessary to always consult your dentist to deepen with the procedural correctness .

Who is the ideal candidate :

In general, the best candidates for veneers are those who enjoy good oral health , those who want to improve the appearance of their teeth , and those who have realistic expectations.

In addition , there is no ' ideal age at which to perform the procedure except, of course , the exclusion of children who still have their baby teeth . In any case, you should make sure to ask your dentist if he considers the appropriate treatment for your specific situation .

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

I recommend you to visit this page to get enough information about veneers prices:


Teeth Whitening

October is the month of prevention , an initiative of the National Association of Italian Dentists , which has the aim of promoting an appropriate culture of prevention and oral hygiene , giving the opportunity to the Italian families take advantage of a free dental consultation at the closest of the many dental offices that have joined the initiative.

But as early as September is right to plan their visits to specialists to organize any beauty care for your mouth to do during the year. One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments is the " teeth whitening " .

To be understood whitening lightening the natural color of the tooth which by its nature already has many variations in color between individual and individual. Indeed, there is a whole range of natural colors ranging from white milk teeth (very rare ) , in various shades of yellow (very common ) to gray, to brown .

So when you practice a whitening dentist should expect a result that depends first of all from the starting color of your teeth and then on why your teeth are more or less dark . If the teeth are dark for the age , the bleaching ( lightening ) is certainly possible, but to a lesser degree compared to a young individual in relation to the wear of the enamel ( the outside of the tooth) and the time which had colored substances (pigments nature of food ) to penetrate into the deeper layers of the tooth.

If your teeth are dark because in childhood were recruited medicines (eg . Tetracyclines ) that are fixed in the structure of the tooth or there 'was an excess of fluoride in the diet , the situation becomes even more complicated and much poorer results . Recall first that comes to teeth whitening vital that is not subject to root canals of teeth , trauma , reconstructions for which a specific treatment should be considered in view of the cause that led to the dark chin of a single or a few teeth.

Today, together with Doctor Mauro Malvini ARS MEDICAL DENTAL Dental Study of Monza , we speak of professional whitening with the LED lamp . This technique consists of the application on the teeth of the patient to the appropriate substances based bleaching hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide at high concentration , which are activated by making available the active principle on the tooth surface , but for a limited period of time . But let us see the procedure to him specifically.

What is bleaching with led lamp ?

The technique of tooth whitening with the LED lamp is the application of a gel based on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 ) on the surface of the teeth. The same gel , activated by the lamp , releases free radicals that penetrate through tooth enamel and reach the pigmented molecules of the teeth - responsible for stains or of their yellowing , shattering by means of oxidation-reduction reactions and, accordingly, the teeth appear whiter and transparencies. The actual "white out" of the teeth is visible immediately after the first session and in the following days , the aesthetics of the smile better than ever.

How do whitening ?

The bleaching stages can be described as follows :

• Professional cleaning of teeth.

• Determination of the color of the teeth ( comparing the chromatics of the teeth with a special color scale standard) .

• Any photograph of the teeth before treatment ( useful for comparing post- whitening ) .

• divergence of the mouth using a special tool .

• Application of gel -based whitener of hydrogen peroxide at 35%.

• Irradiation of teeth with LED Light → at this time , the gel is activated by the lamp that acts as a catalyst , and free oxygen. Subsequently , the oxygen penetrates the tooth , and gives rise to processes of oxidation-reduction , able to crush the molecules hyperpigmented ( responsible for tooth stains ) into smaller fragments , colorless and easily removable .

• After irradiation , the patient must remain in the same pose for 15-40 minutes, long enough for the product to do its bleaching action .

• Removal of the gel.

• Any photograph of bleached teeth after treatment and compared with the previous shot .

• The maximum whitening effect is visible after a few days of treatment .

What guidelines should be followed after the procedure?

After treatment of teeth whitening , it is possible a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity. Some patients experience a mild burning gum , which sometimes results in a more pronounced discomfort , soon resolved spontaneously.

2 days following the bleaching , it is strongly recommended to avoid the intake of foods containing pigments ( eg . Sauces ) , drinks with artificial coloring , coffee, licorice , red wine and black tea. Smokers, however, should refrain from smoking at least in the two days following treatment .

Around what is around the cost?

The cost of a session of teeth whitening is around € 200.

Depending on the shade of white of departure and the desired one may be necessary from 1 to 3 sessions.